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About the Website

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Out of Habi Center for Environmental Rights (HCER) belief in citizens’ right to information and participation, and NGOs, scholars and experts right to interact with policies of drinking-water, HCER has established this website to fulfill this purpose.

The website contains different sections:

About water

  • Latest News: this division follows up drinking water news in Egypt in particular, and in the Arab World in general. It also tackles the most important international news of drinking water.
  • General Information: this division provides the reader with general information about water.
  • Water Pollution-causing Diseases: this division presents the most important diseases that are caused by drinking water pollution.


Charters and legislations

  • International Charters/ Egyptian Legislations: these two divisions present charters and laws that regulate Egyptian and international drinking water management.
  • Judicial Provisions: this division presents the provisions sentenced concerning drinking water (this division has not completed yet).


Researches and Reports

  • Researches/ Reports: these two divisions contain Egyptian and international researches and reports of drinking water.





  • Competent International Bodies: this division includes list of member bodies in UN water team and their links.
  • Other Websites: this division contains lists of Egyptian and international competent water websites.


  • Conferences/ workshops/ forums: these divisions present the most important Egyptian and international activities of water.


Egyptian Stakeholders

  • The Competent Executive Bodies: This division contains the Egyptian water competent bodies, their roles and their link.
  • Drinking Water Research Centers: The division that contains a list of centers that analyze drinking water and how much it is related to specifications in Egypt and their contact information.

In addition, the website gives the visitors the opportunity to interact with the website through the page of “Contact us” which is divided into:

  • Legal Consultation: The visitor can, through this division, send a problem that concerns drinking water in his/her region or a general problem. Through this page the visitor will know the legal procedures that can be followed to solve the problem.
  • Send your Participation: The visitor can send a material by which he participates in the website, whether it is a suggestion, photos or video.
  • Registration: The visitor can, through this page, register to get all what’s new continuously in his e-mail.

Library: This division contains abstracts of the most important books concerning water (this division has not been completed yet).

The website also includes big collection of videos and photos that represent right to water.


We hope visitors have pleasure and benefit from the website.


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