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Water as a Human Right

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 The Understanding of Water in the Arab Countries of the Middle East- A Four Country Analysis

Issued by: Heinrich Boll Foundation

Published in: 2004

The paper based on a four country analysis regarding the human right of water in selected Arab countries of the Middle East. With this paper, Heinrich Boll Foundation wishes to strengthen the UN concept of human right on water, and to contribute to a full realization of the right to water in these respected areas. This publication intends to force International Financial Institutions to take the right to water into account in their policies, credit agreements and other measures. The publication starts by introducing the concept of water as human right and human right concept. It also sheds light on human approach in water related issues. It, in addition, gives analysis of UN criteria and its evaluation. The publication contains annex of WHO indicators for physical water access, and other annex of curriculum viate of project partners.

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