Egyptian concerned

ministry of water resources and irrigation:

April 21, 2011

In the framework of its policy for providing water in adequate quantity and quality to the country’s sectors, the ministry has been keen on formulating

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Ministry of state for environmental affairs

April 21, 2011

About MSEA – EEAA Institutional Framework:     In June 1997, the responsibility of Egypt’s first full time Minister of State for Environmental Affairs was

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Holding Company for water and wastewater

April 21, 2011

Company Role   The purpose of the Holding Company was set by a Presidential Decree, to purify, desalinate, distribute and sell Drinking Water and collect, treat and safely dispose of wastewater, either ...

Jurisdiction of the Shoura Assembly

April 21, 2011

  The jurisdiction of the Shoura Assembly is defined in Articles (194) & (195) of the Constitution. According to Article (194) of the Constitution, the Shoura Assembly is concerned with the ...

Formation of People’s Assembly

April 17, 2011

    The Egyptian Constitution stated that the law shall determine the number of the People’s Assembly elected members, provided that it is not less than three hundred and fifty members. Law ...