Rio +20 volume 2, issue 24, Sustainable Water Management

January 18, 2012

To Download the issue click here: 39Volume 2_Issue 24 Sustainable Water Management has been identified as a critical issue for Rio+ 20. Globally, one out

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Learning from Experience. Rights and governance advocacy in the water and sanitation sectors

December 28, 2011

fan_unicef_learning_from_experience._rights_and_governance_advocacy_in_the_water_and_sanitation_sector An overview of the work Freshwater Action Network and WaterAid partners have been doing in governance advocacy. The publication outlines different tools used, describes

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The Human Right to Water and Sanitation – Training Materials

December 28, 2011

wecf_rightsanitationtraining_2011 The Human Right to Water and Sanitation is still new and needs interpretation as well as implementation in order to come to life. This training material help to ...

Methodological Guides: How to create a regional dynamic to improve local water supply and sanitation services in small towns in Africa

December 17, 2011

ps-eau_how_to_create_a_regional_dynamic_to_improve_local_water_supply_and_sanitation_services_in_small_towns_in_africa_2010 This instructional document is aimed at all those responsible for the organization and management of water and sanitation services in small towns in Africa: elected officials, decentralized ...

Water safety in buildings

December 17, 2011

Water Safety in Buildings Extensive experience shows that poor design and management of water systems in buildings can cause outbreaks of disease. The types of building, water uses, ...