• July 10, 2021

What causes conflict in the workplace?

Workplace conflict can be the result of several different situations; however, the root cause is often poor communication. For example, employee expectations may be unclearly communicated, employees may feel as though they don’t have a voice (lack of open dialogue), or the tone of someone’s words may be misinterpreted. Whatever the case may be, miscommunication is often the source, and it can be mitigated through proper skills and policies.

Other causes of workplace conflict can include (but are not limited to):

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  • Harassment – An employee(s) is bullying or harassing.
  • Increase in workload – An employee’s workload is significantly increased, and they feel they are being pushed too hard.
  • Lack of skills or training – An employee lacks the skills or training to properly do their job.
  • Negative work environment – Your company culture may be negative or toxic, causing employees to feel unhappy or unsafe.
  • Opposing personalities – Team members may have drastically different personalities and simply not “like” each other. Employees can also have a “falling out”, making it difficult or uncomfortable to work together.
  • Poor management – A manager may have poor management skills or lack the appropriate leadership style that their team needs.
  • Unfair treatment – An employee may be treated unfairly. This is often the result of someone in a management position favoring or disliking someone.
  • Unrealistic expectations – Employees or managers may have unrealistic expectations.

Key takeaway: Workplace conflict is often the result of poor communication, but there are several other causes as well, including poor management, unfair treatment and harassment.

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