• July 8, 2021

How to Write Sales Proposals That Actually Win Sales

Do you write sales proposals? How confident are you that you will actually make a sale after you write a sales proposal? All too often, sales professionals spend a lot of time writing proposals, then days or weeks later they learn that a competitor got the sale. Here’s how you can write sales proposals that get results.

What does your sales proposal promise?
What are you promising customers? Your sales proposal should be stating that promise. All too often, when salespeople write proposals, their sales proposal titles are an afterthought; their titles end up being boring and ineffective.

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How effective do you think sales proposal titles like these are?

A Proposal From Company XYZ for Company ABC
A Sales Proposal From Company XYZ.
Those titles don’t exactly compel you to grab your wallet and buy something, do they?

Instead, consider sales proposal titles like:

$50,000 Savings From Downtime Reduction at Company ABC
25% Increase in Productivity at Company ABC From XYZ Software Implementation
A proposal with the cost savings in the title helps you accomplish a sales objective. In order to buy, the customer has to actually read the proposal, and not just simply flip to the pricing page. An effective proposal title makes the reader want to read the proposal and find out how they can get those results.

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