• July 10, 2021

What causes conflict in the workplace?

Workplace conflict can be the result of several different situations; however, the root cause is often poor communication. For example, employee expectations may be unclearly communicated, employees may feel as though they don’t have a voice (lack of open dialogue), or the tone of someone’s words may be misinterpreted. Whatever the case may be, miscommunication…

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How to Write Sales Proposals That Actually Win Sales

Do you write sales proposals? How confident are you that you will actually make a sale after you write a sales proposal? All too often, sales professionals spend a lot of time writing proposals, then days or weeks later they learn that a competitor got the sale. Here’s how you can write sales proposals that…

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How PayPal Works

PayPal is an online financial transfer system whatismyreferer. It allows businesses and individuals alike to route money to one another securely and without directly giving a person access to someone else’s bank account. PayPal acts as the encryption software that enables people to transfer money between computers and bank accounts. Overall, PayPal fulfills a wide…

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